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What is a Yummy Yard?

lettuce spiral
Hungry?  Want something fresh?  Don’t feel like heading to the store? Get growing and take a step out into your YummyYard.

Whether you grow food because you are on a budget, you just think it tastes better or you like the convenience, YummyYards can help you transform your outdoor space into one that tastes good, is beautiful, and is good for the planet, too.

Our mission: help individuals, businesses and institutions transform our communities into healthy and productive outdoor environments; to create an easy to use, interactive community of gardeners, horticulturists, permaculturists, chefs, parents, children, and anyone else interested in growing their own food;  to provide practical, accessible, and interactive information for those who seek it.

YummyYards was started to support those that want to create and expand their edible and aesthetic gardens. It is my belief that these two types of gardens do not need to be separate. Instead, they can ebb and flow to create a more resilient, productive and beautiful outdoor living space.

Use the ‘explore’ feature of the blog (News/Articles section) to find information on your topic. If you have a question that is not answered in this section, submit your question and we’ll post the alr-feverfewnswer to your question as soon as possible.

Growing gardens is a continual and evolutionary process. While there is a place to get started, there is no end. So get out there, have fun and get growing!