What is eating my cabbage?

Posted on July 27, 2009

Kohlrabi slug plateI went out to the garden the other day and noticed that something else is enjoying my cabbage and kohlrabi besides me. There were holes cut out of the leaves (see photos). Even sections as large as half a leaf or more were ‘missing’. Knowing that slugs enjoy cabbage as much as I do, I employed a trick I remember learning from my mother when I was a child. Slugs also like beer as much as I do.

I promptly filled a few plates with beer and scattered them around the garden. Low and behold, the next morning I found 9 slugs in one plate alone. I happened to use a light beer, but most varieties will work. I also used plates, as opposed to bowls, as these appeared easier for the slugs to climb into.

Red cabbage slugsUsually, when identifying pests, it is possible to spot them with a close eye and some observation. If you see slugs or beetles, you can also pick them off of your plants by hand. You can either throw them away, or keep a bucket with some water nearby. I know this punishment sounds a bit cruel, but it will keep your crops alive (and you away from the produce aisle at the grocery) without the use of harsh chemicals.

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