Boulder’s First Annual TOUR DE COOPS!

Posted on August 27, 2010

So how exactly does this Tour de Coops Boulder work?

The Tour de Coops Boulder is an open tour that is free to the public, occurring in Boulder County September 4th, 2010, from 2-5 PM.  An open tour is one in which there is no specific start or end location.  You can find a list of properties on the Tour on the YummyYards website or the Transition Colorado website.  The address of each property on the tour is listed, as well as what each property has (chickens, edible gardens, bee hives, miniature dairy goats and/or an aquaponics system).  Pick the properties to visit that have the features you are most interested in seeing, or pack in the afternoon and visit them all!  The Tour is free and open to anyone and everyone, and families are encouraged to bring their children.

Please contact Laura@YummyYards with any questions, or call 303-908-3054.

Thank you for your interest in the Tour and enjoy!


Transition Colorado

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