Growing Fruit in Pots!

Posted on November 30, 2010

apple on treeContainer gardening is, well, what it sounds like- gardening in containers.  When space is limited, you may have to turn to pots to get that fresh, just out the door produce that tastes oh so good.  You can scour the Internet or, like I prefer, the gardening section of your local bookstore to find a plethora of ideas, plant combinations, appropriate pot sizes, and more.  However, in all of my browsing, I rarely came across solutions for growing fruit trees and shrubs in pots.  That was until I received my 2011 catalog from One Green World, an Oregon fruit company offering unique, delicious, and fun varieties of bare root fruit trees, shrubs and vines.  I checked out their website and found an article on growing fruit in pots that I just had to share.

Read the short, but sweet, article at the One Green World website, and explore the possibilities for your small, but soon to be delicious, space!

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